Let's learn about Residential Schools

Learning about this piece of Canadian History is important for the reconciliation and healing of our Indigenous population

What we learned before

Many students were introduced to this topic earlier in their life. There are also people who never had Residential Schools in their curriculum. The point is, many information we learned could have been forgotten. This is a resource to help fill the gaps

Refilling the gaps

This project features bite-sized pieces of the history of residential schools. Track your progress and do quizzes to solidify what you learned!


The motivation behind making this as my project for DIGH3812A is due my interest in learning more about Indigenous History. I believe that I have forgotten most of what I learned within school since I was taught at a younger age and the knowledge was not persistent in my life. I personally believe this is an important topic because it gives us insight into the dark history of Canada that many may choose to forget. There are still survivers of the IRS(Indigenous Residential School) in Canada and learning about this history allows us to reconcile and understand the cause of many mental health issues prevalent within the Indigenous population. Please read more here for more of my opinions on presenting this material
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