Personal Mission Statement

I was motivated to create a project that outlines the events within residential schools due to an article I read. The article is titled “UCP under fire for K-4 curriculum plans that suggest leaving out residential schools”. There was a lot of backlash from the public following this article exclaiming how this is a step back in the education system. I personally believe this is an important topic to learn from a young age since it is a vital piece of Canadian history. I also would like to see the continued emphasis on learning about the history of the indigenous people as students go from elementary all the way through university. Learning from the past can help us recognize and pave a way towards healing and reconciliation with the Indigenous people.

Please Note

My idea of belief that this is important to learn is skewed just like the UCP. I have personal beliefs in what is important to learn in respect to the topic of Residential School. In the many resources there are things that I chose glanced over and didn't put onto this site so please while reading this be mindful that this is the information I chose to present.


Please do your own research after this, I personally chose from the sources what I think is important. In-order to get the full picture of the things you learned, I encourage you to look through all the resources I provided by yourself. Even if I first gave you a guide, re-reading the sources allows you to form a more un-biased opinion.